Northcentral Illinois Football Officials Association
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This is prepared for the sole purpose of acquainting you with the various and routine policies and procedures of the Northern Illinois Football Officials Association (also known as N.I.F.O.A.). NIFOA is an organization comprised of men and women, dedicated to promoting the welfare of the game, its' players, officials and maintaining the highest standard of football officiating possible.


Payment of dues is required by the first meeting of the football season.
Amendment on 11/15/2004
1. If a member does not pay dues they will be removed from the NIFOA roster and will have to reapply the following season for membership.

2. Their application will be provided to the membership at the next scheduled meeting for a vote

3. To regain their membership within NIFOA it will take a majority vote by the members at that meeting to reinstate the applicant's membership.
End of Amendment.

Officials Meetings

Meetings are held weekly or bi-weekly from the month of August through the month of October. Generally meetings are scheduled from 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm. For complete schedule of meetings please consult our web site (

Training Program

You are required to attend rule clinics and training meetings and pass tests as set forth by your governing state association (IHSA for officials who are licensed in Illinois). NIFOA uses videos, lectures and discussions as instruments of training our officials. A highly trained staff of NIFOA instructors with experience and expertise at all levels will assist you in your training.

Top Fifteen

The IHSA request a top fifteen list of officials each year. Members in good standing get to vote for fifteen officials (not themselves). The top official gets 15 points and the next gets fourteen points (so on and so forth). Points are then added up and the top fifteen list is send to the IHSA office.

Committee Members

Although there are no formal officers in NIFOA, we do have a treasurer that is appointed by Jeff Carr. The individuals who are currently heading up our organization are as follows:
Jeff Carr
Bill Evink
Paul Heinen
Chip Kelling
Dave Kudzma
Sonny Lott
Observer Program
NIFOA will continually try to improve the skills and abilities of the membership. To do this an Observer Program will be designed and implemented to provide constructive criticism and guidance to members. This program will be implemented in accordance with the requirements and guidelines as recommended by the IHSA

Web Site
For communicating with our members we use our web site which is

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